The recently published retrospective of his body of work is a humbling experience for even an accomplished Canadian designer. There exists in his designs the ever-present focused message or strong concept alongside elegant, clean executions while at times becoming expressive and ornamental. (Mark Busse – Fellow of Graphic Designers of Canada)
I have known of your reputation as a first-rate designer, and the visual identity you created for Heartland confirms that. (Jocelyn Tennison – Strathcona County)
Wei is a genius. He has a real sense of colour and breathes life into everything he designs. (Marie Gaulthier – Big Brothers & Sisters)
Unknowingly, in everyday places, your vast design talent has surrounded other Albertans and me and you have touched us with your innovative creativity. (Lois E. Hole – former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta)
Your body of work is truly remarkable and inspiring. (Jim Dobie – Senior Associate at TBD Architecture + Urban Planning)
Your presentation was wonderful – interesting, humourous and informative, all at once. (Alison Gardiner – VANOC 2010)
Once again we "bask in reflected glory" as the poster resulted from the incredible talents of yourself and your people. (Dennis Fahlman – Heritage Festival)​​​​​​​
Mr Yew’s design really captures the essence of what the Award represents, and we’re proud to be able to award it to Cirque du Soleil. (Peter Herrndorf – National Arts Centre)
Quite the tour de force Wei. Putting together such a massive stream of work leaves no doubt and goes to show the insight and the sensibilities you bring to every project. (Peter de Vos – Telus)
As you know, while you were in Lausanne for the official launch of the Olympic Truce, City Council had the pleasure of acknowledging your outstanding accomplishment. We salute your incredible talent and thank you for being an ambassador for our city. This prestigious honour has brought international recognition not only to Edmonton but to Canada. (Jan Reimer –former Mayor of Edmonton)
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