When the opportunity arrives, I will utilize the camera's fast film rate to capture the poetic motion of these large birds.  
Arctic Terns are fiercely defensive of their nests, attacking invaders (including humans) by pecking at their heads or worse. I decided to test their ferocity. Within seconds of my approach, a dozen of them took flight to harass me with dives and loud squawks. I covered my head with my raincoat hood to avoid being pecked. I pointed the camera upwards and viewed the situation with the articulated screen. The terns swooped over my head to intimate me.
I took 305 high-speed shots (24 frames a second) and during the last two frames, one of them poop-bombed me, missing the lens by a centimetre but the white warm slush covered my left hand. Sounds disgusting, but I deserved it with a well-rewarded photo below.

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