In our extensive travels spanning many years, we have been fortunate to witness breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring architecture, and captivating wildlife. However, among all these remarkable sights, it is the reflective images that have truly captured my heart. There is something magical about a photograph that captures a reflection, particularly when it surprises you with its beauty. Allow me to share a selection of these cherished moments with you, meticulously arranged in a thoughtful order.
Water is a great source of reflection. I am always looking for opportunities when I am near water.
Where there is water, there are boats and reflections.
I am passionate about capturing photographs of people near bodies of water, as exemplified by the captivating images below. Every so often, luck grants us the opportunity to capture a truly remarkable moment, where a gentleman's figure perfectly mirrors itself in the serene waters of Lake Mennagio, Italy. Such occurrences, resembling exquisite reflections, never fail to inspire me in my photographic journey.
Shorebirds have provided great photos in our travels. Sometimes, a guard dog from the Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai makes for a quiet reflection. You never know what happens when you are photographed up close to a Great-horned Owl.
Selfies are overrated. I prefer taking images of ourselves from reflective surfaces such as these. The best selfie was taken in the Amsterdam canal during a cruise.

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